I thought I'd expand my amateur photography portfolio with some pet portraits. I've experimented with a lot of canine photography, but these 2 are amongst my first cat and hamster photos. Cats are very photogenic; it seems that cats can look elegant in most any pose they strike. I followed 2 hamsters around a bed top for twenty minutes, and captured only a few photos in which they were not blurs of fur.

I don't have any formal photography training, in either digital or manual, though I've always been an avid photo taker. Adjusting for light and shutter speed and all the other things one can fiddle with, does not come intuitively to me. So when I'm taking impulsive photos, I compensate for my lack of camera knowledge by finding a composition that best captures my subject. Eventually I'll get the hang of and take advantage of all those camera options on my Canon EOS.