I have amassed a large enough image library of my drawings that I can draw from it when I get requests, instead of making a new illustration from scratch.

Today I am showcasing the California sheephead fish, a curious denizen of the kelp forest. They are curious because they can change sex from female to male, when they are eight years old. The sex change involves a coloration change too. The black and red coloration scheme that characterizes the sheephead in most people's minds is that of the male sheephead. They can live for decades, up to about 50 years old. Apparently they're tasty too. I know all this because I have read excerpts from the book "Probably More Than You Want To Know About The Fishes Of The Pacific Coast", by Robin Milton Love, which I recommend as am entertaining fish guide, even if he doesn't mention the Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker, possibly the cutest fish in the whole of the Birch Aquarium.