I went to the Big Dog Adoption Event today at Fiesta Island. With a name like Fiesta Island, I picture tiki-style huts with colorful lights strung through out, and maybe palm trees and plentiful margaritas. Actually, it's mostly sand, with pretty much no shade. The BDAE was a semi circle of about 15 tented stalls, each featuring at least 4-5 dogs. There were more german shepherds and german shepherd mixes than any other breed. There were also black labs, pitbulls, akitas, hounds and rotties. I was most charmed by the greyhounds however; retired greyhounds rescued from Tijuana racetracks. Some had recovered from broken legs; apparently speeding around sharp curves can cause thin legs to snap. Once that happens, they're useless for racing of course. The female greyhound in the top photo was a very sweet dog. There were also a lot of older dogs, 8 years +, looking for homes.