I went to Paris and some cities in Provence (hence my prolonged absence, apologies to my regulars for the lack of posts). Of course I took many photos, around 600-700, which is less than I expected I'd take. I have two 2 gig memory cards, and have yet to fill one up in a trip. I do use the smallest file size, as I don't expect to be blowing any images to poster size. And I've yet to shoot RAW; I'm a little intimidated. Also, my computer is slow enough without having to process large files.

Anyways, the photo above is one of my favorites. Sitting on the edge of a waterless fountain sipping an Orangina at Place de Vosges (how to pronounce??) on a Sunday afternoon was an excellent Parisian people watching opportunity. The fountain was a magnet for kid activity; soccer ball kicking within the low fountain walls prevented the ball from going far; speeding tricycles veered around me, and the fountain spouts and piping were stepping stones and balance beams respectively.