Day in my life at the Birch Aquarium Exhibits dept:
Five minutes after 8:00am arrival, notification from an aquarist that the fish labels for the kelp tank are falling out of their places in the light box. Grab roll of velcro tape and scissors to reassemble fish photos and descriptions inside light box before aquarium opens to public. Meanwhile, watch aquarists scuba in the kelp tank, turning all the turban snails (saucepan size) back upright (a feisty female sheepfish had gone around and flipped them all over).
*morning tea/ coffee/scone break*
Finish applying laminate (big sheet of sticky stuff) to 4 signs printed the day before. Deliver to aquarist.
Suddenly remember that I'm to photograph a Education class for a brochure. Go to classrooms, photograph for 45 mins. Can't help but take a photo that includes one of my graphics (see above).
Laminating of giant squid poster goes badly, must reprint. Reprint squid on canvas.
*lunch - watch tireless kids and devious seagulls in the picnic area*
Get request to print out a poster for the weekend Family Day event. Must find old file from previous Family Day event, and update all the info in Illustrator. Print draft for approval. Approved. Load large format printer with heavy weight paper, deal with finicky printer, print poster.
*gossip about Wyland, who apparently drives a hummer (!) - he'll be visiting Birch this weekend*
Throw together quick pdf of Family Day schedule 1/4 of letter size to hand out to visitors.
Clean up scraps of foam core. Roll up mis-printed stuff to take home and make use of later.