There is something endearing about multi-legged creatures. I'd fancied doing an octopus screen print, but wasn't inspired until recently. A lot of my animal subject drawings feature animals doing normal, biologically accurate activities. So in this case, I decided to leave that comfort zone and go with something more artsy. I also tried to draw the Idea of octopi, rather than to represent octopi in a relatively realistic manner. What is the essence of an octopus? A large, bulbous head, long tentacle-y legs. So I left it simply at that, instead of including suckers, breathing apparatus, etc.

I knew the main octopus should be a solid color, and selected a few smaller ones also to be solid, based on composition. I wanted the viewer to be drawn towards the large octopus. The selective coloring does this, but also the octopus positioning; they are all swimming towards the central guy. This pulls the composition together, even though there are many separate individuals.

I'd had this screen print for a few days, but didn't find anything to print on until I perused the Target clearance rack. This Jovovich-Hawk (guest designers for the GO Line) scoop neck dotty T was perfect for a green octopus print... I knew it when I saw it on the rack. And luck for me, it was the only one, and in my size.