American Marketer of the Year Award (May 22) - with awards presented by Lee Ann Kim (right), news anchor of San Diego Channel 10. Asian Heritage Awards (May 10) - awards presented by Marcella Lee (left) news anchor for San Diego Channel 8. They have similar hair styles and coloring jobs, not to mention both are wearing dark gray outfits. They appear to be of similar age. They both are into kid adoption: Lee Ann has an adopted kid, and Marcella promotes adoption on TV. Oh yeah, and they're both Asian American women! It wasn't surprising in the case of the AHAs, but for the AMYs, it was nice for Lee Ann to represent, as there were few Asian Americans in the room.

I can't help but think that they fall in line with the Connie Chung stereotypical news caster look. Maybe all newscasters of all ethnicities fulfill some stereotypical look, but I only notice with Asian American women. In any case, they were both smart and sassy, and it was inspiring to see them live - they're real people! I didn't get to meet either though; they both always had people talking to them.