Asia Media Inc. gave me an editorial assignment - provide a photographic illustration for an article about Asian American Women Attorneys and the dual challenge of the glass and bamboo ceiling. I wasn't sure how to proceed; how was I going to coordinate the 3 attorneys mentioned in the article for a photo shoot? But then I was told I could use models.

So, I rounded up 3 friends, all of whom happened to have suit-like outfits and business-y accessories and we met up in downtown San Diego, at the Courthouse building. Which turned out to be incredibly ugly, so we shifted down the block to the Justice building, which had those grand white columns one expects of a law-related building. I wanted a sense of perspective in my image, so I combined strategic positioning of women with the stretch of white columns. In some case I made use of the stairs too, to suggest upwards movement.

We attracted a lot of attention from passing tourists, including one man who offered to take the photo so that I could be in the photo too.