There are perks to my photography gigs, such as having the opportunity to eat my subjects. Thus, I was very happy to be assigned to photographing the pastry chef and pastries at Heaven Sent desserts, in North Park (San Diego) at 30th and University.

I did not eat the Chilled Passion Fruit-Verbena Soup (top; with french kiwi, poached pineapple, tapioca pearls and mint, served with a creamy coconut panna coffee) but I did sample the Malted Milk Chocolate Pudding Parfait (bottom; with caramel bananas, chantilly cream and vanilla cake crumbles). I couldn't finish it all, so I got it to go, and the server warned me that it wasn't going to look pretty when dumped in a plastic cup. That's OK. It's the same to the taste buds and stomach.

Tina Luu, the pastry genius behind these delectable desserts, does not consider having her photo taken to be a fun activity, but she was nice about it and I managed to get a few good photos when she started laughing at the situation.

You'll see these photos in an upcoming issue of Asia Media, available at a fine bubble tea shop near you...