Fun activity for you: Put the above images in order of which animal you think causes the most to least human deaths.

I've spent the week producing graphics for the upcoming Shark Week. It hasn't been very exciting, as the logo has already been designed, and the color scheme and design feel have been set. So making signs has consisted of placing the logo, and incorporating the new text while using the old design scheme. I freshened things up a little bit. But the more slightly interesting design project I had was to make a set of cards: on one side, an animal, and on the back, the number of human deaths caused by that animal, per year. These cards are for a game in which guests put the animals in order of highest death causer to lowest death causer, and then turn the cards around to see if they're right. Scroll down to see if you were right.

FYI, Wikipedia says that in the US, there were 42,884 deaths caused by car accident in 2003. As for lightning, a quick google search (without checking out the validity of any of the reports) - around 60-80 deaths per year in the US.