This was the first photo I took at Thread, and as it turns out, is one of my best pics. She was standing in front of a painted backdrop, which helped the photo a lot. There was a bit of natural light, supplemented by my flash with Gary Fong diffuser.
I'd photographed 3 Threads in the past, for a certain online magazine. They didn't need me this time, so I contacted the organizer of Thread, and asked him if he was interested in having 2 hours worth of event photography. The deal was made, and so I went. It was in a large tent by the Sheraton at the airport, instead of at the usual Air & Space Museum. It felt more trade-showy as a result, as the museum provided character and a lot more natural light. But it was a lot less crowded. The only item I bought was a purse from, who uses faux leather and faux printed suedes. She recognized me from the previous Thread. Always nice to see familiar faces.