The bumble bee had just won a plastic witch finger, as a result of successful ring toss. I volunteered to photograph the Randall Museum halloween event. The Randall Museum is a small children's museum, like a discovery center in the arts and sciences. It's located on top of a hill, with an unbeatable view of San Francisco. I was asked specifically to photograph kids engaged in activity, and for the activity to be obvious if say the photo were printed very small. This pic isn't the best example of such a photo, but I wanted to post it on my blog anyways.

Of course I took the opportunity to check out the museum as well, to see if it were a place that I might want to try to work, and it is! It's much less "object based" than museums I have experienced; from what I could tell; much more emphasis on activities. A lot of the space was dedicated to classrooms and workshop rooms like a ceramics studio and wood shop.