I decided I needed to work on some self-marketing. Relying on word of mouth can go so far. And right now all I have to remind people of me are a set of home-printed business cards with a black and white photo of dancers, advertising my photography.

Specifically, I'm interested in photographing people in a casual setting. Portraits, but not fancy, uncomfortable portraits. I like to catch moments when people are feeling relaxed and behaving naturally. I picked out some photos from my portfolio that I thought embodied those kinds of feelings. It turned out that the photos I chose already had a color scheme.

Next I had to fit as many examples of my photos on a postcard sized page without making it seem overcrowded. It's a little bottom heavy, but I think I can deal with that. I wanted to include the bottom left image as it's a candid family scene, even though it's more detaily than the other pics. I used a handwriting-like font for the text; friendly looking, yet clean. Admittedly I made this in a bit of a hurry because I found a postcard printing site that was having a sale, and there was no telling when the sale would end. Basically I'll be getting 500 postcards for the non-sale price of 100 postcards.

I checked for typos at least five times. I don't want to know if you see any.

Actually, after observing the postcard in my yet to be posted blog entry, I went back and made a few changes - got rid of some of the dark area to the left of the big baby face, photoshopped out the man in the background of lobsterboy, made the whole left column a bit wider...