I've out together a flier style ad to email out to friends. The big seller, I expect, will be the custom designed pendants, featuring pets or what ever else one might want on a pendant.

I just received notification that my application was accepted at the ReadyMade Magazine Winter Ball and Indie Gift Fair. I'm not sure that there really is a "ball" of any sort. But RM is a huge name in the crafting community, and so I'll probably do it. I have old inventory I'd like to get rid of, and so I won't have to spend much time preparing for the fair. Except for making cuff bracelets, which were very popular at the Indie Mart Craft fair, and I nearly sold out.

As for the craigslist ad, the image did work in the end, and I got one response. May or may not follow through though. I'll have to be diligent about re-posting, as there are tidal waves of photography services posts.