I biked to Bazaar Bizarre in Golden Gate Park today. I'd considered driving, as I was hauling camera equipment, but decided to bike in case parking was a pain. I'm glad I'd followed my hunch, as roads had been closed off for a fund raising race - Run Wild for a Child, or something.

The most noticeable trend in crafting are plush toys of random things, like human organs and cuts of meat. I'd seen plush toy monsters, fire logs, vegetables, desserts and even viruses and bacteria, but meat was especially novel. Unlike the other plush toys, meat toys did not have faces.

Other than plush toys, there were many letterpress artists, fabric accessory stores (with simply made wallets and bags), soap makers, scarf knitters, screen printed clothes designers. Another trend is appliqued baby clothes, for the indie baby. Many artists made use of reused / recycled materials.