I made it into Readymade Magazine craft fair on Dec 4th. It's an evening craft fair, from 7 to 11, which will make for a different atmosphere. Readymade is a popular publication amongst the DIY (Do It Yourself) and craft crowd. It's packed with all sorts of projects for making cute and kitschy things. I often peruse its pages in bookstores, as it's too expensive to buy. Anyways, they have a following, so I'm hoping there will be a lot of shoppers.

As always, I start amassing things I'll need for display. I recently found these mini wooden table top easels at a Japanese homeware store in J-town. About $1.50 a pop, they are much more elegant and less bulky than the cardboard versions I'd fashioned at home. The bamboo tray and push pins are also from the same store - Ichiban Kanm for about the same price. Clothespins are always useful in displays. I also spend the week before a fair making items of which I'm low on supplies. Above, the cut out fabric bits that I'll use on cuff bracelets.