I may have been the only female attendee of the SF Autoshow that didn't arrive with a male. I'd pitched the idea of photographing the autoshow to a certain online SF city guide, with intentions of highlighting the new hybrid and high mileage models.

I realized right away that I should have brought a wide angle lens, but I made do with my 28-75. It was hard to make cars look exciting, well, to the average person with average car interest. There were some interesting displays fortunately, such as this cleaved Toyota fuel cell hybrid. The most excitement buzzed around the Smart Car display: pocket sized and brightly colored cars. I did my best to jump in and take photos while people posed with vehicles for photos taken by their own friends.

Many attendees were armed with their own DSLRs, but yet I was approached three times with questions about my camera/lens/ flash set up. I suppose it is rather curious for a lone woman to be carrying a bigger camera than 99% of the men at a car show.