I was a red carpet photographer for 2 nights. Eight hours worth of wooing shoppers to stand in front of the pink "repeat logo" banner, under hot lights, a half minute of fame as I played paparazzi.

It was a shopping event for ladies, called "Girl's Night Out". I applied for the event photographer position, thinking I'd be photographing actual shopping, but I was stationed here instead. Which is actually an easier, though less creative/ exciting job, than roaming the stalls and capturing candids. I wound up taking about 400 red carpet shots, which will be posted on the shopping site so that ladies can download their pic, for free.

This job required a lot of interaction, but also allowed for a lot of people observation. Interesting to see that some women are very enthused to be photographed and run towards the red carpet dragging their friends without my even asking, while others take one look at the red carpet/ banner, are repelled, and walk away, as quickly as possible.

When I applied for the job, I pointed out that women at a shopping event are likely to feel more comfortable with a female photographer. I'd guess it's particularly true when it comes to posing at the paparazzi station. There was much verbal expression of self consciousness, when ladies were prepping for the photo, or deciding whether to be photographed or not. "Not in these clothes!", "I need more make up!", "I look terrible in photographs" and "this is my better side" were common comments. I do think it would have been more intimidating with a male photographer.