The yellow cast on the pumpkin kid was really bothering me, so I typed "How to correct white balance on photoshop" in google, and found a page that told me exactly that. I use levels on most of my photos, but it didn't occur to me to experiment with levels of Red, Green and Blue separately, as opposed to RGB all together. I'll have to think about how to explain what is going on qualitatively, but for now it works as a tool to correct white balance.

Getting the right white balance basically means that what's white in real life should be white in the photo. Often, for instance in shade, white turns blue-ish, and everything else is blue-ish too. Digital cameras do their best to fix this, but sometimes they misjudge. That's why there's the options on a camera to choose shooting in Shade, or in Sunlight (as represented by little icons), so the camera is given a hint as to what white balance to expect. Anyways, white balance corrected is on the left.

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