Considering the recession, I expected people to spend less at ReadyMade craft fair, and they did. It's really not a great time to be a seller right now! Table rental cost $60, and I sold $180 worth of stuff. Which means I made $120 "profit" - but consider all the materials, plus countless hours of making stuff and prep, not to mention skilled labor. I thought I'd share numbers with you, dear reader, to give you a sense of the harsh reality of how unprofitable often is, at least for me, to do craft fairs. Perhaps it is the current economy, but even a year ago, when people shopped more enthusiastically, I quickly learned that I ought not be in the craft fair business for money.

However, part of the purpose of craft fairs is to have fun, and that I did. The design and fabricating process is fun, as is designing my display. It's fun to meet other vendors, and to talk with friendly shoppers. And it is gratifying to talk to the few people who happen to adore what I've made. It's also fun when friends swing by to say hello. The fun aspects are what have kept me coming back to do an occasional craft fair.