What are you doing, Small Child? I wondered, but then I realized she was imitating my hold on the camera, with her index finger on the invisible shutter button.

This wedding was very casual and comfortable; a backyard gathering of close friends and family, home catered and decorated. A good low stress way for me to further ease into wedding photography. After I finished my photography shift, the family insisted that I

stay and eat. It was hard to refuse, when someone opened up the oven and started spooning home made biryani onto a plate. Very well. It was generous of them to include me in the festivities (they gave me champagne to toast too), given the intimacy of the small guest list. I have to strike a balance, between being professional and downing shots and jalapeno poppers. I find that in most cases, people like to be friends with their photographer. I suppose I'd rather have my photo taken by someone I get along with than someone who is a stranger.