I have a trial version of Adobe Photshop Lightroom; it's downloadable from the Adobe site, and I can use it for 30 days. Of course the point of that offer is to hook me on and get me to buy it eventually. I think it might work. I've watched a few video tutorials, but I prefer to take the plunge and work out the functions by trial and error as the need arises. White Lightroom does the same stuff Photoshop can do, it's designed to handle huge workflow, like 100s, or 1000s of photos. Give that I can take up to 400 pics an hour, this Lightroom feature is really appealing.

I am onboard the Kathy Mata Ballet book project! It's been a long time since I've partaken in an artistic collaboration, and I've never had my photographs published in book form. KMB is a group of amateur adult dancers that volunteer-perform for retirement homes and raise money for brain tumor research, amongst other things. KMB has grown to a point where they're ready to take on a greater presence in the SF dance world. The gentleman to the left is a graphic designer, spearheading the project. He found me on Craigslist. I'll be attending several rehearsals and one performance. It's an intense project, all the photos to be taken by the second week of March, so the book can be self-published (on Blurb.com) and ready to sell at a big performance in late spring.

I'm really glad that she wore red today, good for striking photos. White-ish, as you can see, fades into the background but red really pops, especially with a little Lightoom enhancement.