The Project Lab, at the Cal Academy of Sciences. It's behind the rain forest sphere. Here's my workspace, with a fancy camera hovering overhead. I can watch the live video on the tiny screen above, and museum visitors can watch on the large screen outside the windows.

It's vacation week for schools around here, so CAS has been packed and I've gotten a lot of spectators. I hear kids loudly asking: What's That Lady Doing?
And parents respond: Look She's Drawing! I'm never sure whether to look and wave. It looks like the room could be soundproof; those on the other side of the glass probably don't realize we can hear them. "Mommy are they Doctors?" Well, we do wear lab coats while in the Project Lab.

Today the first behind-the-scenes tour group EVER came through the PL. They were all from Netflix, about 20 grownups, several with cameras. One of them asked me about my background, and I said an MS and MFA, but the funny thing is I never learned any scientific illustration in either of those programs.