This turned out better than I expected. I put my camera on sports mode, aimed at the empty spot where the leap would take place, watched the dancer approach out of the corner of my eye from the right, and then hit the shutter as she unfolded into this leap, the specific ballet name of which I don't recall. It almost looks like she's doing splits on the floor, but then, the floor is several feet below her.

One of the dancers hired me to document rehearsal for the Kathy Mata Ballet Company. He wanted the gritty feel of rehearsal (verses the very polished look of performance). So though I cringed at the electrical panel in the background, it added to the informal feel.

I added a light vignette to the photo. The vignette is the darker edging, in an oval shape around the dancer. The danger with vignetting is it can look cheesy if not subtly done. And it is more effective with some subjects than others. I thought it would work here because there are lots of distracting background details; the vignette points the eye towards the dancer.

The dancer laughed when she saw the photo. "Look at my hand!" she imitated her flopping left hand. It should be pointing upward and forward, in line with her arm. She was pleased with the rest of the posture.