My t-shirt design was published, and mass produced! It premiered at's annual fundraiser, Bowl-The-Planet. The entire Serra Bowl was rented out, and supporters came out to bowl, win prizes, and bid on silent auction items. I donated 2 photo portrait sessions, and both those sold.

I love it when a group of people self-assembles into a good composition for a photo. Even better when some of those people are wearing my t-shirt. I use shutter priority at around 0.4" with my wide angle lens 17-40mm, f/4 with flash/diffuser for night time social events. The f/4 ensures that even though everyone's faces is not on the same vertical plane, they are still all in focus. My portrait lens with f/2.8 or f/1.4 have a narrow range of focus and are bad for these situations.

I had photography duty, but not before bowler registration duty. I was extremely confused - forms for people to fill out, wrist bands to slap on, credit cards to process, pre-registered people to look up, lane assignments, receiving donations/ pledges, papers to file ... argh! A computer automated system would have been helpful, but this was all by hand, pen and paper. Next time I'm registering for something, I will be very patient with those behind the registration table.