San Francisco weather has been fantastic. Cool, breezy and sunny. I like it because it puts my clients in a good mood. No stress about whether or not we'll have to postpone due to rain, no worrying about keeping kids warm.

This playground pic was from two days ago. But I'm actually going to talk about today's experiences, unrelated to this photo. I did head shots for two different men today, and it's curious to me that men should feel so much more self conscious and ill-at-ease with the camera than women. Are men simply less often photographed (by friends, family etc) as they grow up, and as adults, and thus have less experience? Perhaps having one's pic taken suggests vanity, or being confident in one's looks - perhaps considered feminine attributes? It could be societal - take any gossip magazine and I'm pretty sure there are way more photos of women than men. (Most) men want to see photos of women. Women like to see photos of women (though for different reasons than men). It all adds up to women being more likely to be (and used to being) Looked At than men (Whether that's good or not is another conversation, and of course this can lead into all sorts of discussions about objectification and what not.)