Today was my last session with Kathy Mata Ballet. We filled in the gaps of what photos were still needed for the Kathy Mata book, which included the cover as well as some head shots. The concept for the cover was an image of Kathy actively teaching; ie, perfecting the positioning of a dancer. Yet, it had to be Kathy who was the focus of the photo, not the dancer. A dancer was enlisted hold a position, while Kathy pretended to fuss over her, both trying not to look like the whole thing was staged. This one looks staged because the dancer is smiling - dancers don't usually smile during grueling rehearsals.

Also imperfect for the cover; we wanted Kathy's 3/4 view, not so much the profile. Also, both Kathy and the dancer have equal weight in terms of the subject of the photo. But, I like this photo anyways.

It is so much easier to photograph when dancers are holding positions with the intension of being photographed! I guess that is obvious. Anyways, I shall miss my weekly visits to the ballet studio.