While waiting in the Bride Waiting Area, I asked her to tell me how she'd met her husband-to-be. A very expressive woman, she told me the tale, complete with facial expressions and hand gestures, reliving the moments. Here, she was telling me the point at which she noted her fiance-to-be to be amazingly intriguing. I can imagine she leaned toward him while they were seated at the table, giving him this exact My You Are Intriguing look. Why is there a FINLAND poster in the background, you might ask? Well, we were in the Finnish Brotherhood Hall, that is why. She's Greek and Mexican, but her good friend and wedding organizer is Finnish.

I photographed for 7.5 hours straight. I developed a callus on the thumb of my camera holding hand within that time. I had the foresight to pack myself a sandwich and snacks. What do photographers do while everyone is eating dinner? Well, I snagged myself a near by table. I wasn't planning to eat, but the groom insisted I get something. I got myself a soup and coffee, but put it on my own tab. Coffee. I extremely rarely drink coffee, especially in the pm, but I really needed it. The night was young and I was already exhausted.