My Monstrous Shadow

I rather like this picture for several reasons. One big reason is that there's a dog in it, and he's facing forward, eyes open. Another is that a 1964 Ford pickup truck is a fun photo shoot location. Plus the little girl is cute, and she's got one arm around the dog. Then there's the artsy effect of the reflective glass.

At first I was disturbed - is that MY shadow cast over the windshield? Am I really that blocky looking when I hold a camera? But I reassured myself that it must be a building behind me, as I barely was able to lean over the hood for this picture. You know what, on second thought, that might very well be me. The shape is too irregular for a building. Well then, if it weren't for me, the whole pic would be milky-washed out.

One of the funnest types of photo shoots - day-in-the-life-of a family. They dressed a little nicer than normal, but otherwise I photographed them playing tea-time, hanging out with the dog, in the sand box, and slowed occasionally for posed shots.