Commit a Random Act of Kindness

The yellow-sailed boat was claimed by a particularly big wave. I saw the sail peek out from the foam briefly, before another hungry wave sucked it into the ocean. The boy had been running from the wave at the time, and didn't witness its disappearance. Not to be discouraged, he ran up to his little brother, who was digging in the sand, and comandeered his boat instead. With new boat in hand, a wave knocked the wave running boy over, and doused him. The wave receded and he lay in the sand in shock (I didn't photograph this), deciding whether or not to cry. Next thing he knew, a stranger, a slightly bigger boy aged 8 or so, hefted him up, asked if he was OK, patted his back and guided him back to dry shores. I was pleasantly surprised at this random act of kindness from a kid. I guess my point is that photographing affords many people watching opportunities.

I will be away from my blog for a few days as I travel east for the holiday weekend. I will be back July 6th, with many photos to share. Happy July 4th week, and happy photo taking!