Where Has My Drawing Callus Gone?

I haven't drawn an animal in months. I haven't drawn anything in ages. It's been too long. I've been asked to create a t-shirt design for a team of biologists and such participating in Centennial Resurvey of the San Jacinto Mountains. I am to include a few animal friends, like the Gray Vireo, Flying Squirrel and Yellow Legged Frog. At this point, I think the perched Vireo should be switched out for a flying Vireo, to match the dynamism of the other animals, but this depends on whether I can find a photo of a flying Vireo or not. As much as I would prefer not to, I am working from photos. These are quick sketches, to be developed.

I couldn't remember where I'd put my bristol (nice thick smooth paper - good for later inking over pencil) pad, and my pencils were not in my forefront writing/illustrating implement jar (I have about 7 such jars on my desk, stuffed with pens, markers, brushes, rulers, scissors etc). Definitely feeling rusty, but it felt good to get back to my art roots. I must draw more, for myself. If only I had time.