Boston Wedding

For those of you that know this couple, you are lucky to have a sneak preview of 2 wedding photos! When the couple gets back from their honeymoon, they can publish the others. Which I have yet to edit.

The wedding was at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge. The campus of course provided nice east-coasty backdrops. There was not much time for couple photos however - we had the wedding party + close relatives in tow, which reduces photo efficiency. The couple poses and I take a few photos. Then, I wait for 4 other point and shoots to take the same photo, before shuttling to a new location. All that extra shooting time adds up, and usually there's little time allocated to portraits as it is. This all just means I have to think faster - find good backdrops, set up poses, compose pics.

I like the above candid, where you can see all the reactions to the bride. If only the guy in the back wasn't squinty. Maybe a cut and paste job will do the trick (the photo I took after this one featured the same scene except people were post-apex of delightedness and he was smiling). Anyways, I made the pic sun-shiney yellow on purpose.