A Brief Diversion On Why Dogs Are Great

We come here several times a week. A mere 10 minutes walk from home, we come to a human-planted forest, almost a hundred years old. The trees are showing their age; looking rather barren, and it might even be creepy if I didn't have the company of Charlotte. But with her trotting alongside, it's a beautiful walk amongst moss covered trees, casting long shadows in the late afternoon. Having a dog makes being the sole human (in a room, on a running trail, in a forest, on the sidewalk late at night) a much better experience. It's not that she could protect me; she's a girly girl, afraid of cardboard sheets. Maybe partly it's that she looks like she could protect me, though I'd sooner bite someone than she would.

It's her happy, carefree presence, and knowing she would accompany me anywhere.

I want to learn to control flare spots. It would be nice to be able to use them in composition. I don't actually have any control over them yet. Just so happens that in this case they are pointing right at Charlotte. I like when things are back lit, and have a halo of light surrounding their form. Being fluffy, her halo is easy to see.