Greyhound on a Gray Day

I don't get to photograph dogs often enough! And a delight to photograph as elegant a dog as this greyhound Zola. She's a 9 year old retired rescue greyhound. When we arrived at the beach, she went straight for the shallow water and then lay down, looking perfectly content.

The water was pretty reflective already, but I pushed all the lights to as white as possible, for that stark contrast.Add Image I'm quite fond of this set of portraits. I think they're complementary; in the left photo, an open one-on-one interaction, nothing hidden; and the other a distanced, abstract, private portrait.

Zola's mom, Vanitha Sankaran, is about to have her first book published! The first part of this photo shoot was dedicated to getting an author head shot for the book jacket. It'll be published next year, so stay tuned until next April when I take a photo of the photo of Vanitha on her book!