Candid Portraiture

I am very pleased with how this photo turned out. First there's the simple geometry in the composition. Basically, we have a rectangle, a circle, and a triangle. These shapes remind me of kids' toys/puzzles, which is great because the photo subject is a kid. Then, there's the color palette, a retro tropical citrus. And finally, the boy has this nonchalant expression. I could have cropped this closer to his face, but I left it wide because the open whiteness of the background lends a calm, restful feel to the photo.

This photo is also centered on the subject. While I often am a big fan of asymmetrical composition, I think that in these cases, the solid colors (orange sofa, green curtain, yellow apron) provided enough asymmetrical interest in each composition that placing the kid in the middle balanced things out. Also, the simplicity of centered, flat horizoned compositions goes well with these seemingly contemplative moments.

A very different feeling from this last photo - close up, angled, face is more expressive. I think all of these are good examples of candid portraiture (if I may say so myself!) - they are not posed, and illustrate different personality aspects. It does take time to get shots like these - kids, babies and even grown ups have to warm up to me, and feel like they can be themselves.