Everyone should have a JUMP! photo of themselves

I don't know where to start. Since we last talked, I've taken at least 2,500 photos. How about I start with this: One Weekend, Two Weddings. I have a lot of pics to go through, and will eventually post them. But for now, you will have to be happy with these JUMP! photos. The bride and groom requested that all guests have a JUMP! photo taken... a fabulous and fun idea! Everyone loved doing it. To help jumpers achieve height, I lay in the grass and pointed the lens upwards. Ideally, the jumpers would launch off a bench or trampoline, and the background would be uncluttered (a flat horizon with lots of sky). But even with park background, one gets the movement of clothing and hair.

I will go into details of weddings at a later post. But now my current state is one of soreness and exhaustion, so I will elaborate on how I became so sore and exhausted. For wedding photography, I am on my feet for 95% of the 6 or so hours that I am there. And not only on my feet, but moving for different angles continuously, running from here to there, stretching over heads or squatting out of sight, contorting around corners, laying on the ground, climbing on chairs or rocks. While holding a camera and bag of alternative lenses (all big lenses of course).

The prospect of going through all the wedding photos is daunting. It may be late this week at the very least, as I have many other photos to edit from prior sessions. Oh yes, I should mention, for the first time I have enough photography work to be a full time photographer, at least for these 2-3 weeks!