A Momentous Event In The Making

Can you read this? If not, click on the image and look at the bigger version. Then come back here.

Months advance, he contacted me from Philly, requesting photography services but also advice: Where in San Francisco is an ideal to propose a marriage? Baker Beach at sunset, hands down. If you are an avid reader, I'm sure you are already fretting: But What About the Nudists? Indeed, this is a valid concern. Also other things to worry about: are there plentiful stones with which to spell out "MARRY ME LAUREN"? Will hooligans try to move stones around? Will tourists stand around gawking? Can we light candles? Will the sun be out?

We met in the afternoon. He'd sent his girlfriend off to a few hours at the spa, telling her he was doing a tour of the ballpark. What a perfect little lie. What woman's going to say "Wait, I'd so much rather tour the ballpark with you than to relax at the spa. Take me with you." We scouted out a empty patch of beach, and began gathering stones. I am quite fond of looking for stuff in sand, so scouring the beach for nice large pebbles wasn't out of the ordinary behavior for me, but certainly a first as a photographer. We worked on the letters together (though once he ran off to taxi back to downtown to fetch his freshly-spa-ed girlfriend, I adjusted stones for a better center alignment) and I added the flowers. And waited. (to be continued....)