On the North End of Baker Beach

Connection Session. The term was new to me, though I am familiar with the concept. Unlike an engagement session, which happens before getting married, the CS is a post-marriage photo session, usually to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Every year, this couple will travel to a new destination for their anniversary, and hire a local photographer for a Connection Session. A great idea! They arrived just in time for San Francisco's Winter during Summer. They were lucky; the sun partially peeked out over Baker Beach for a brief moment here and there.

If you walk far enough north on Baker Beach you'll come to a lovely wave-washed boulder-strewn area. It's the closest one can get to the bridge at water level from the west side. There are secluded mini-beaches, with great photographic potential. However. The less photogenic aspect is that the north end of Baker Beach is clothing optional, and you never know... you might climb over a rock and suddenly encounter a man with no pants (but yet wearing T-shirt - Why??) basking or swaying behind the boulders. It makes for quite a startle.

As harmless and friendly (my dog once ran up to say hello a pantsless man on Baker Beach and he was very nice to her, as I mortifiedly and ineffectively begged Charlotte come Here!!) as these men are, this possibility turns off many of my clients, and we stick to the middle/southern end of the beach despite the allure of the rocks. But this day was on the cooler side (nudists prefer warm days) and this couple was not easily fazed (and I've done enough life drawing not to bothered either), so we climbed over the rocks for the more dramatic views and rugged landscape.