Portraits of a Lighthouse

Yes, these are all bits and pieces of an old lighthouse operating station. It all reminded me very much of Myst - have you played Myst? There were lots of mechanical puzzles to figure out, switches and dials and knobs to tweak. This lighthouse is at Point Reyes. It sits on the end of a pointy piece of land, jutting out into the Pacific, the south-western-most point of Marin. On a clear day, the view would be undoubtedly breathtaking. But the day was dense was fog. We could barely make out the seal-strewn wave-smashed boulders in the ocean, 30 stories below. We could hear the the seals though, and the churning water. A very different life from those Fisherman's Wharf seals.

I have the fog to thank for these photos. Instead of attempting to take scenic photos, I took refuge from the wind chill in the shack next to the lighthouse. I was happy to find all sorts of photogenic subjects, in unusual colors. I took the photos in medium-resolution, which basically means I hadn't planned on photographing anything very exciting. A pleasant surprise. And fun to photograph non-people for a change, an exercise in composition.