Dashing Dachshund

Today is a great day for you! I am finally recovering from Moving-Associated Discombobulation (MAD) and I present you with fun ways to amuse yourself while simultaneously embarrassing your dog, AND I will write more than a few un-inspired sentences stating the obvious. And photos in Diptych form! What a day!

Here is Wally, a young Dachshund. I prefer him without glasses. This was a home shoot, wherein we pushed the furniture around so that the sofa received good natural lighting from the window. Wally was very sweet natured, and protested only a bit when accessorized. Bribery with hot dog bits had nothing to do with these intent gazes and lovely still poses. Both outfits were worn for the minimal amount of time required to get a few photos.

The Tube is a type of dog house that I've not seen before. We know that dogs like to be cozy, in small cave-like hideaways. The Tube is a long (4ft? 1ft diameter?) crinkly leopard-print fabric covered flexible contraption held in tube shape by a wire frame. It has windows (of course!). Wally charged to his Tube every so often, and peered at us from the tear-shaped windows (Any Hotdogs? No? Well I'm staying Put!) When no amount of cajoling could coax him from the Tube, his parents simply upended the tube and with a little help from gravity, Wally came out.

I could not help but imagine a large tube, for my 55lb Charlotte. Would she enjoy such a shelter?

And now for the good news. Wally's lovely outfits were purchased from a pet store in the Castro called Best In Show. Wally's mom shared some of these pics with them, and Best In Show would like to put my photos on their blog! Yea! With credits and website included of course.