Grassy Baby

It's hard to take a good portrait while covering events. People don't immediately settle into a natural pose when confronted with a large camera; that's why portrait sessions are an hour long. While covering events, there is no settling time. Thus I groan when a mere 15 minutes is allotted to bride/groom portraits at a wedding. The best photos of adults will be candid photos. But since babies don't know to be self conscious, they actually are the best candidates for portraiture (and thus an opportunity to apply some artsi-ness) at an event.

She sprawled backwards onto the grass, grasping a woman's heel with her right hand (cropped that out, it rather ruins the serenity of the photo) and made a range of expressions: bright eyed and bushy tailed, distaste, wide open baby mouth - but then she relaxed into this expression which is oddly grown-up looking. It's the Mona Lisa smile, and she's looking right at you.