Making Magical Places Magical In Photos Too

With packing comes procrastinating. I couldn't resist the lure of photoshop, and the prospect of experimenting on my Olympic coast wide angle pics!

After and Before. Things that I did: (1) Brighten, (2) Saturated Colors (3) Made it Bluer (4) Increased Contrast (5) Lightened Sea Stack (6) Made Sky Even Bluer (7) Added Subtle Vignette.

The original photo didn't do Beach 2 (as it is so uncreatively named) any justice at all. When I emerged from the forest post 3/4 mile trek from the road, this beach was something out of a fairy tale. I didn't know such places existed.

Maybe it wasn't this blue or contrasty in real life, but I want this photo to convey some sense of the magicalness of the place. I can't give you the experience of the expansive space, the sound of water, the warming of the morning, the undisturbed sand. But hopefully the above picture makes you think Wow, like I thought Wow, when I arrived at this place.