It's been too long since I posted dog photos. Pugs have a lot of personality packed into a solid little package. I've only spent time with 2 pugs in my life, and both knew what they wanted and were not about to be ignored. Also, I like that they belly crawl.

After observing the attention lavished on the baby that had previously occupied the center of the make-shift studio white backdrop, Hottie (who is bigger than the baby) hopped onto this place of honor and looked around expectingly. I indulged her and pointed the camera in her direction.

I am still figuring out my dog photography style. Of all photographed subjects in the whole world, I bet dogs and babies are the two most popular, followed by cats. On what research do I base my assertion that dogs are more frequently photographed than cats? I think of my Facebook friends, and think of how many of them use dog photos as their profile photo. And how many people use a cat photo. Dog photos win.

But as I was saying, concerning dog photo style - there are SO many photos taken of dogs, one would imagine that camera-happy dog owners will have covered every possible angle. However, I think most people will take centered-composition photos of their pet. I like asymmetry, cropping that directs your eye to the dog's eye, and making use of negative space.