I have an other job. That is for - I bring live bugs to schools and teach kids simple biology concepts in adaptation and conservation biology in a program called Insect Discovery Lab. Well, SaveNature is putting together a new program (called Edible Edventures? or something) wherein we will bring produce to schools and teach kids about where food comes from. Well, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes.... not the horrific truths about meat and meat products.

We're introducing this program at the Children's Harvest Festival, a self-hosted kids' event at the Aquarium of the Bay on Oct 10. In addition to a bug presentation, and a produce presentation (separate presentations) there will be liquid-nitrogen freezed ice cream demos, composting and beekeeping lessons and yes... a Food Sculpture table, with produce donated by WholeFoods.

SaveNature people asked me. Can you take some photos of kids making sculpture out of produce? We don't know of any kids, but if you do...

This is up there with photographing kids pretending to DJ. And do I know kids? I've certainly befriended some families through photography gigs, but I thought of some old friends that would love this project more than anyone, and it gave me an excuse to head over to East Bay to see them and hang out with their kids.

Should you find yourself invited to make produce sculpture, I highly recommend arming yourself with toothpicks. If it weren't for toothpicks, I'd be photographing salad. I participated in some of the sculpture making, and suddenly I understood the joy that Mr Potato Head's predecessors must have brought to kids, back in the days before plastic was invented.