5 Inch Platforms Please

I didn't take as many band pictures today. It was SO crowded, it took 10 minutes to progress 100 yards. I spent most of my time staying put, at our blanket home base.

Yesterday I spoke of the advantages of being small. The obvious disadvantage of being small of course, is that it is hard not to get tops of heads in my stage photos. You can see the blurs of heads on either bottom corner of this pic. Sigh. When I walk past tall standing audience members, I can't help but think of what a clear view they must have. I see mostly backs and shoulders, and must find gaps in the swaying crowd, and then time my shutter click for when two dancing/ rhythm bopping persons sway towards the outer sides of my viewfinder. I don't often wish I were taller, but concerts is the one occasion where I by far more than others, wish I were way taller. Not only for better views, but also to avoid being elbowed in the head.

This is a member of Okkervil River. I like the Golden Gate Bridge backdrop, with the hint of trees coming in from behind. The bridge and the shadow are worked into the composition. A shame about those heads. I couldn't crop any more out without losing the guitar.