Directions for Atomic Ice Cream

You'll need the basics. Some sort of heavy cream, and a lot of sugar. And then some flavorings. Sugar soaked strawberries for example, or chocolate syrup.

Some recommended tools: whisks and stirring type spatulas. And don't forget the goggles. And industrial grade gloves. Or, oven mitts will do.

Then add liquid nitrogen. Two cooks required; one to add the nitrogen, the other to stir vigorously. Add enough to make the concoction a ice cream consistency.

The whole process should take 1 minute. 2 tops. The result is quite delicious!

Atomic Ice Cream will be taking place at the Children's Harvest Festival this weekend, hosted by, which is my other job. I won't be making AIC, as I've been assigned to the food sculpture table. Apparently I am the only one with food sculpture experience.