A fantastic pout. Usually we want smiling baby pictures, but sometimes less-than-pleased baby pictures are just as cute.

When taking baby photos, I like to get up really close. Crop out the top of the head. Make sure focus is on the eyes.

And here are some candids. Why is it that babies like being upside down? As an adult, if someone swung me around upside down I'd demand that they stop immediately. Being upside down makes babies and little kids smile 9 out of 10 times.

I was a wedding photographer for Halloween. It was not a Halloween themed wedding, but it did have some Fall inspired decorations. But more on that later. Then Sunday, I photographed four families, almost one after another. I scarfed energy sustaining snacks in between shoots (vegan chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes - they're excellent!) I do give up having any weekend fun with friends to do all this photography, but I do really enjoy taking photos.