'Tis the Season for Family Photos

A patterned bedspread makes a fun backdrop - using shallow depth of field, the pattern nicely fuzzes away from and towards the camera. Really highlights the baby face.

I don't have enough weekends. Back to back shoots. A huge demand for family holiday photos, and I've gotten to a point where I've stopped advertising on Craigslist. Just a few days ago, a pleased mom recommended me to her local mother's club. The response has been overwhelming. Which is wonderful! I wish I could accommodate everyone, but weekends are finite, and most people don't have time on weekdays. Also, days are so short, shooting time on any day is extremely limited.

I did four shoots today. I think that should be my max. It's a lot of driving and name remembering. I try to cluster shoots, so that I can stay in e.g. Stern Grove for two shoots, and then head down to South Bay for two shoots. I use locations I'm familiar with - less taxing on the brain, when I already know the spots with good lighting.

Things should calm down after Thanksgivings. People tend to send their holiday cards right after then, so the demand for photos will lessen. I can't help but hope so. Scheduling shoots is one thing. Editing the photos takes a whole other massive chunk of time.