Displays Next To Which Hong Kong People Like To Stand And Have Their Photo Taken

There are certain things that Hong Kong people do. One thing is To Queue Up. Hong Kong people are exceptionally good at getting in an orderly line. When McDonalds has a new toy accompanying a meal, everyone - kids, business men and women, grandfolk, will line up efficiently for their collectible rubber statuette of say, Mickey in a traditional Chinese emperor outfit. When a new stamp is issued, people will line up. Manga convention. Members only designer boutique sale. Public bathrooms. If you see anyone cutting in line, or pushing and shoving, most likely they are from non-Hong Kong China. Is that terribly un-PC to say so? It's usually true. The rest of China was not exposed to the British culture of queuing up.

Another activity of which HK people find irresistible is to have one's photo taken next to displays. EVERY mall in HK (or so it seems) puts up seasonal displays. I'm not sure which came first - the displays (which are very photo friendly), or the snap-happy habits. It is probably safe to say that they Co-Evolved. The displays at large malls can be very elaborate, a multi-sensory immersion into a mini theme park. Characters may be made up, such as these deer, or well known such as Snoopy (pronounced See-Noo-Pee) and Shaun the Sheep. Here, my friends demonstrate how to pose with a display. If one is feeling particularly HongKongy, one will of course do the victory sign.

I'm pretty sure Bjork did not expect her Swan dress to be immortalized in fiberglass, placed under one of the largest Christmas trees in Hong Kong.