Shrubbery (Part 2 in a Series)

Shrubbery photos work best with kids between say, 4 and 12. If they're too young; toddlers or babies, you worry for them - are they lost? Will they eat dirt by accident? Will they fall and get tangled in the bramble? But at kid age, branch scratches and bug bites are a part of life, you know not to eat just anything, you're mobile enough to skip over tree trunks. But older than 12... the innocence and fantasy forest land start to fade, and I'm more likely to wonder - what are you doing back there, smoking?

I need to find more shrubbery spots around SF. This happens to be a backyard, full of wonderful shrubbery; not manicured looking yet not too dense. Perhaps the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, if we stray off the path. The BG however, is huge and it is tiring looking for nooks. I wish SF experienced more in the way of Fall colors. A photography dream to photograph kids in a pile of freshly fallen red, orange and yellow leaves!